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Aug 22, 2023 Aug 22, 2023

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So, basically I tried Adobe firefly's Art, photo, hyper realistic photo and all type of filters that can make an image look alike Anime... Yea this will be handy but problem is when I created one I saw Their are some problems with face of the character, like for example when I tried to generate an Samurai anime photo I saw that there was something really wrong with its face, it was like a disorted geometrical shapes instead of its face XD which was indeed funny in some way and scary also... Still was better with landscape and scenerios, like Sakura trees were so detailed and was so beautiful with hyperspace filter. Still there are some problems with what AI understands when I write something, like when I typed (A spaceship coming out of blackhole then I got a Image which was not of a blackhole but when I typed wormhole then I created blackhole images and one image with a spaceship coming out of worm's mouth)... Sometimes this AI don't get it what I mean....

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