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"Insufficient memory to import file"

Explorer ,
Mar 21, 2019 Mar 21, 2019

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The document I'm editing contains a large number of icon images, and two of them are causing the document load to throw an error like "insufficient memory to import file w_icon_redo.png". The document loads and can be edited, but the two elements which import the two problem icons have simply been dropped.

The problem must be related to the PNG files, because no matter how I shuffle the document around the same two files cause the errors. If I create a document which just contains a couple of words and one of the problem icons, I get the same error.

However I can see nothing odd about the two PNG files which won't load. For example "redo" gives the error and "undo" is imported fine:

identify -verbose w_icon_redo.png > redo.id
identify -verbose w_icon_undo.png > undo.id
diff redo.id undo.id
< Image: w_icon_redo.png
> Image: w_icon_undo.png
< signature: ba39......
> signature: 1670......
< filename: w_icon_redo.png
> filename: w_icon_undo.png

I'm not sure where else to look! A bit of searching has thrown up a few reports with much older versions of FrameMaker and pointing the finger at transparency issues, but these images are extremely simple and extremely similar, so that's not the cause. I think the signature is a hash derived from the image bits so I'd expect it to be different, but as you can see it's the only difference.

Can anyone suggest what I should be looking at here?







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