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Fresco V3.8 - Free Transform tool, Vector outline brushes , Kyle's summer brushes and more!

Adobe Employee ,
Aug 18, 2022 Aug 18, 2022

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Here’s all that’s new and exciting in the Aug 2022 Fresco update.


FREE TRANSFORM TOOL  (iPad, iPhone, and Windows) 

Skew, Distort and Perspective — Familiar Photoshop tools for skew, distort and perspective are now available in Fresco. Free transform tools make it easy to adjust your artwork after drawing. Access them via the Transform tool.








VECTOR OUTLINE BRUSHES (iPad, iPhone and Windows) 

Up your hand-lettering game with new vector brush capabilities that allow you to create hollow or ‘outline’ brushes. You can increase/decrease the size of the interior via the Width ratio slider available in Shape dynamics—>Outline. You can combine outline brush capabilities with other controls like jitter, taper, and tilt to create completely unique appearances. We’ve included a new set of default Outline brushes to help get you started.





LARGER VECTOR BRUSHES (iPad, iPhone & Windows) 

Express yourself more easily since we’ve increased the maximum size of vector brushes from 120 to 500.










KYLE'S SUMMER BRUSHES (iPad, iPhone, and Windows) 

This Summer brush set is truly a smorgasbord of goodies: an excellent grainy airbrush, two totally unique inkers, new watercolors, a pixelated blender tool, gridding brushes, new paints, and much more. Access them via the Add Brushes button in the Pixel brush panel.


Note:- This is a phase-wise rollout, and the updates will be available to users of different countries in the next few days. 


See What's New for more information on the latest features. To help us have focused discussions, create separate posts for feedback on features related to this update. 


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