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Allow disabling swiping transition on tvOS in Browse mode

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Nov 09, 2021 Nov 09, 2021

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On Lightroom for tvOS there is currently a setting for Slide Duration which can be set to:

  • Fast
  • Medium
  • Slow


This setting only applies to viewing photos in the Slide mode which requires pressing play on a single photo in a group or on an entire album or section. Several users have requested in the past requested slower durations. I would like the non-Slide browsing view to be configurable so that it doesn't add swiping left/right transitions between photos. A very mild crossfade would be fine, but the slide motion transition effect is not only entirely unnecessary. On iOS and iPadOS it makes sense to have swiping as a default transition because there is a direct mapping between input device swipping in either direction and the interface displaying the intermediary state between two different photos in the user interface.


That is not the case on tvOS. The slide effect is faking swipe feedback by providing a transition that mimics the motion of your finger on the Apple TV remote trackpad, but in fact doesn't swipe between two images back and forth. Instead it slides to a blank screen and later swipes into the next image.


Attached below are two videos showcasing the stark differences between these two slide effect techniques.


If Lightroom for tvOS can't preload the next/previous images in order to achieve a similar effect than the iOS and iPadOS versions, my suggestion is that it should offer the option for no slide transition, or a much shorter one, or a crossfade instead.


PS: this is also consistent with the iOS accessibility setting "Reduce Motion" which could be advantageous for users with visual processing issues.

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