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P: Text Images Unreadable in Lightroom Mobile Preview Mode

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Jan 20, 2024 Jan 20, 2024

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  • Request: Improve legibility of Text Images using either PNG or JPG format in Lightroom Mobile preview mode.
  • Issue: The preview of a Text Image is not legible when synced with a collection in Lightroom Mobile. 
  • Workflow Impact: Customer cannot use preview mode to quickly scan through many images in Lightroom Mobile.  Instead, they have to open each file in order to read it and then close the file.  This is very time consuming.  This issue does not occur with Photo Images.
  • Original Images: The images were taken by the device and, therefore, are original images and not “Smart previews”.  When they are viewed in Lightroom.Adobe.com and press the “I’ icon it confirms that by saying “Original Image”.
  • Software:
  • Platform and OS version: Windows 10 v: 10.0.19045
  • Lightroom Classic (13.1) 13.1 [ 202312111226-41a494e8 ]
  • IOS Device: iPad Pro 10.5 Inch iPadOS 17.2
  • Lightroom v
  • Basic steps to reproduce the problem: Create Text Image in Photoshop/Import to Lightroom Classic Library/Add to Collection that syncs with Lightroom Mobile/View on Device using Lightroom Mobile in preview mode.
  • Expected result: Expect to be able to read the text image in preview mode.
  • Actual result: The text image is illegible in preview mode.
  • Formats: occurs with both PNG & JPG formats.
  • Note: The same issue occurs when the folder is created in Lightoom.adobe.com with the text images uploaded to it and then view that folder on the Device using Lightroom Mobile in preview mode.
  • Floor Supervisor Technical Support: This issue was escalated to Tier II phone support and then to the Floor Supervisor and confirmed.
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Chrome OS , iOS: iPhone , iPadOS , Windows






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