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P: Turn on background upload on iPhones

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Jun 24, 2023 Jun 24, 2023

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I've been told in a reply to one of my posts in the main thread that in order to upload from my iPhone I need to actually have Lightroom Mobile open - better still to have it connected to power and turn on the 'prevent from sleep' option enabled.


I invested in 1TB of Lightroom cloud storage specifically to allow me to take lots of photos, in RAW format, on my iPhone, or to allow me to share lots of photos from my Lightroom Classic PC setup via Collections.

I am a wedding photographer. Imagine I create a collection of a couple's wedding photos on my PC and share that to my phone. Why would I then want to open Lightroom Mobile on my phone and allow it to slowly synchronise those image previews to the phone? Surely I'd want to simply have the phone in my pocket doing nothing, or me to be scrolling Facebook/Instagram or whatever, whilst the whole thing happened in the background.

My original plan was to download images from SD card on my pro camera via SD reader to my phone then let Lightroom upload those in the background to the cloud whilst I worked. I found that didn't happen (because obviously the phone was back in my pocket doing nothing and not open and plugged in to power with Lightroom Mobile open).

Similarly if I am happily taking photos on my iPhone I would want them backed up seamlessly. For example if I were on holiday taking memories of a trip of a lifetime and my phone was lost or stolen or damaged then I wouldn't want to be in a position of losing all of those files just because I hadn't gone into Lightroom Mobile and sat there with it open until the backup was complete. I'm shooting DNG so there are some big files and I just want them all backed up without having to think about going into Lightroom Mobile.

By having an option to allow iPhones to simply backup everything in the background and the problem is gone whether it is uploading from phone to cloud, or downloading from images sent to the cloud via the PC.

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