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P: "Adobe Community Help" keeps popping open (Windows)

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Jul 07, 2011 Jul 07, 2011

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Adobe Community Help keeps popping open when working within Adobe Photoshop CS5. I'm not sure if I'm doing some sort of shortcut that causes it to open, but sometimes (maybe once instance, during a 40hr week) Adobe Community Help will open in a Window while I am doing stuff in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I'm not sure what causes it, but I'll close the Community Help window, and then continue working in Photoshop, and it will open again. Only way to keep it from opening back up again is to close and restart Photoshop. This has happened to me on my home PC as well, and in previous versions of Photoshop, if I remember correctly. I am using Windows 7 now, but I think I've had this happen on XP too.

Is it because there are updates available? Is it because I'm doing some sort of weird shortcut that I don't know about?

An example: I was transforming an object (using the mouse, clicking, using shift button while moving the cursor, using the space bar while panning, etc.) It just opened again. Guess it's time to restart Photoshop...

Bug Fixed
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Adobe Employee , Jan 16, 2014 Jan 16, 2014
Hi everyone,

The Photoshop CC 14.2 patch has the fix for this issue. Details are at the following blog post:


The CS6 ( patch has the fix for this issue. Details are at the following blog post:

For both versions please select " Help -> Updates" to patch Photoshop to the latest version.

I wanted to thank all of our customers again for helping with this fix especially Garconis who started this thread. ...



Adobe Employee , Nov 08, 2013 Nov 08, 2013
Hi everyone,

The CS6 ( patch has the fix for this issue. The readme specifically names this fix along with a number of others:

"Notable Windows specific bugs fixed

While using Photoshop (e.g. Color Picker or Layer Styles) PS launches browser with Help URL and crashes"

This fix is Windows only and is available for free simply by choosing Help->Updates from within Photoshop CS6.

This fix will also be released in a future Photoshop CC release for Creative Cloud subscribers.

For more ...



Adobe Employee , Sep 19, 2013 Sep 19, 2013
Hi everyone,

This is Jeff Sass one of the Photoshop Engineering Managers.

First, I wanted to apologize how long this bug has been in Photoshop. It was quite challenging to reproduce and we have been trying for a long time.

Second, I wanted to share the good news that we have been able to reproduce this bug in house with our automation system and have a fix for this issue that will be released in a future version of Photoshop. This fix is a Windows only fix (we haven't seen any reports of this...



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