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Adobe MAX 2022 and Photoshop 24.0 release

Adobe Employee ,
Oct 18, 2022 Oct 18, 2022

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 Photoshop MAX version 24.0


It's time again for the Adobe Max creativity conference and new Photoshop releases! Photoshop 24.0 and Photoshop on the iPad 3.7 are now available. Whether you are attending MAX in person, attending virtually, or just want to try new features in the apps, you will find this information useful. Get inspired, learn new skills, and connect with other creatives at Adobe Max. We have over 300 in-person and virtual sessions for you. You can take a look at the sessions in the Photography Track that feature Photoshop, Lightroom, and Lightroom Classic, or, go visit the Session Catalog to see the complete list.


If you are using an older version of Photoshop, you can update to the latest version by clicking "Update" to the right of the Photoshop app in the Creative Cloud desktop app. Visit this article for detailed instructions: Keep Photoshop up to date.


Read all about the latest Photoshop features here, and then head over to our Lightroom desktop, Lightroom Classic, and Bridge updates to see what's new there. 

Lightroom Ecosystem MAX release

Lightroom Classic MAX release

Bridge MAX release


What's new: Photoshop desktop app


Selection Improvements whats-new-tile-ps-selection-improvements.jpg.img.jpg
The Object Selection Tool is even better at detecting and making selections of sky, water, natural ground, plants, and architecture than before. It's as easy as hover and click. For more information, see Make selections in your composites.



whats-new-tile-ps-one-click-fill-and-delete.jpg.img.jpgOne-click Delete and Fill
With this feature, you can easily remove objects as if they were never there. The selection is replaced with AI selected content from the image. (Works with other tools, too) For more information, see Make selections in your composites.




Invite to edit
Try the Invite to edit feature to share a link with others and collaborate. For more information, see Invite others to edit your cloud documents.





 Photo Restoration Neural Filter (Beta Feature)

Restore old photos with the new AI powered Photo Restoration Neural filter. This filter helps improve contrast, enhance details, and remove scratches. For more information, see Neural Filters list and FAQ.


whats-new-tile-ps-share-for-review.jpg.img.jpgShare for review (Beta Feature)

Create links, share a link to a web version of your work, manage feedback, and push updates as needed using the Share for review beta feature. Recipients do not need to sign in or sign up for anything. For more information, see Share files and comment in-app.



Content Credentials (Beta feature)

Content Credentials (Beta) is a developing feature in Adobe Photoshop.  When enabled, it gathers the edits, activity, and attribution information associated with content in-progress. These details are captured as tamper-evident attribution and history data (called content credentials) that creators attach to the final content when exported. For more information, see Learn about Content Credentials.

Substance 3D materials in Photoshop
The Substance Photoshop plugin is an extension that allows Photoshop users to access and use Substance materials in their projects. They are similar to Photoshop patterns, but with controls for limitless variations and a more sophisticated workflow for editing and applying materials.  For more information, see Substance 3D materials for Photoshop.


New Preference to improve selection stability (Windows only)

Photoshop introduced a new preference setting to improve the stability of the Object Selection tool, Select Subject, and Sky Replacement for Windows users with an NVidia GPU. For more information, see Preferences in Photoshop.


Support for Emoji Glyphs

With this release, we have removed the EmojiOne font from our bundled font set and replaced it with Noto Color Emoji SVG. When you open a legacy document containing a Type layer that uses EmojiOne, Noto Color Emoji SVG should be automatically activated and downloaded from the Adobe Fonts server. To learn more about working with Fonts, see Using Fonts in Photoshop


Updates to Cloud document version history

Recent additions include the ability to add a name and description to bookmarked versions, search for a specific version from the list of versions for that cloud document, and filter out versions based on the time they were created, marked status, etc.

For more information, see Manage and work with cloud documents in Photoshop.


Older GPU mode (Pre 2016) Technology Preview for Windows

Enable this feature if your graphics processing unit (GPU) is older than 2016 or does not support DirectX 12 or later, or if you experience performance instability. To learn more about the various Technology Previews and how to enable them, see Technology previews in Photoshop.


Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles below:

Supported camera models

Supported lens profiles


What's new: Photoshop beta app


The following features are only available in the Photoshop Beta app. To install Photoshop (Beta), visit the Beta apps tab of your Creative Cloud desktop app and select the Install button next to Photoshop (Beta). 


whats-new-tile-ps-live-gaussian-blur.jpg.img.jpgLive Gaussian Blur

Direct the viewer's eye to a specific part of your image using the Live Gaussian Blur filter. You can see updates real-time as you brush the filter directly onto the canvas. For more information, see Use the Blur gallery. (macOS only)




Live Gradients

Create and control the gradient points on canvas and perform contextual gradient editing using our Live Gradients feature. For more information, see Working with gradients.





Backdrop Neural Filter

Use the power of AI with the Backdrop Neural Filter to create a unique backdrop based on a description. Navigate to Filter>Neural Filters and enable Backdrop in the creative filters section. Type a description, click create, and select your favorite result.



snap.pngSnap Window Support for Photoshop Title Bar (Windows only)

This release adds snapping for app windows. This feature adopts the Windows 11 operating system facility for dynamically snapping application windows to pre-configured regions of the display. For more information, see Workspace basics.



iPadOS , macOS , Windows







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