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More intuitive UI language selection

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Feb 09, 2022 Feb 09, 2022

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If someone installs Photoshop in one language (e.g. Norwegian), then want to switch it over to English, it is not intuitive. Changing language after installation is a shared UX problem for every CC app, but they employ different solutions so it's very inconsistent.

If someone shows up with e.g. a norwegian-language Photoshop, then the steps to change language ends up like this:

1. Quit Photoshop
2. Go to the CC Desktop App
3. Settings, apps, and change install language to English (International).
4. Back
5. Wait for list to update
6. Click Install behind Photoshop and wait for installation
7. Start Photoshop (it's still Norwegian!?). Not what the user expects.
8. Go to Preferences, look around until you find the relevant language dropdown which now has both Norwegian and English in it. Change and restart.

It would be *oh so much* better if we could start directly at step 8, show all languages in the list, and then give a message saying you need to restart Ps for the changes to take effect (it would automatically download the chosen language if needed - or perhaps all the language files could be bundled for an even better user experience).

Ps: The language selection in e.g InDesign and Illustrator only needs step 1-6. That is better. But they again lack the ability to change languages easily *after* the tedious initial steps (per language). So I think the ability to change language inside the app would be the best solution.

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