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Aug 17, 2022 Aug 17, 2022

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There used to be a section in the neural filters to suggest ideas for new neural filters. I couldn't think of any at the time. But one thing I often need to do in photoshop is make rounded rectangle buttons for websites and apps. 

I have some actions setup to shorten the path to achieve what's necessary but getting there was a long road and it could still be easier. As it is there still seems to be no way to make a rounded rectangle selection using the marquis tool. 


Today I was working on one and I had a thought as to how this could work as a neural filter. 

Supposing I had an image with a logo that was 2500x2500px that I wanted to make into a button for a website. I select the neural filter and from there I have some toggles and sliders on the right. I can reduce the height to 100px, I can widen the canvas to 300 px with a slider, I can slide the content of the image left and right (this image was square when we started but is now 100x300 so there is no space to slide up and down but if done differently you could move wherever the new canvas is) 
Now that I have a general shape that is the correct size I can fill it with the background color. Then I can adjust a radius slider for the corners, give it 3 dimensional depth, lighting direction and angle, add shadow with a virtual height slider, etc. 
If taken a step further since it IS a buttonizer, you can check a checkbox to create an "onclick" button as well which duplicates it and has the option to replace colors, height (shadow) etc. 

Less than two minutes and you have two buttons. Click apply and the first updates, the second generates as another window.

Having this tool would also make short work of rounding the corners of any image. Simply click the buttonizer, Leave everything at zero except the corner slider, slide it to where you want it and save.  
Can we have this? Please? 

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