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Can't search for assets on shared network drive without drive substitution

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Feb 17, 2024 Feb 17, 2024

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I keep my music libraries on a share on our server, and import music via drag/drop.


If I rearrange my music libraries (or for that matter any asset) so that paths are different, Premier naturally asks to find and relink the media. When it's on the local array using a drive letter, that's never a problem.


But it does not let me search for media by network path.


Below, it shows the old network path in the Last Path field,  I type in the new network path and click "search." It starts searching the local C drive since that's the drive that's selected in the drive panel below. It pays no attention to the partial path typed into the Path field. 


If I type the full path to the music clip, and click Search (the only option other than cancel), it starts searching the C drive again. There's no way to just type the full path and have it link. 


I'll have to remove and replace the asset. For this music clip, that's not a problem, but if I had any effects on the clip, I would lose those, so it's not an acceptible solution every time.


There needs to be a way to correct the path to a network asset. All it would take is a way to "search path" rather than drive letters.


(BTW, the reason we don't simply map network drives is to protect the server from ransomware that attacks drives with letters.)




24.3.0. Beta Build 32, Windows 11
(Problem applies to all Windows builds.)


Bug Unresolved
Bug , Feature request






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