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Lumetri Color flashing on video playback(and vice versa) when adjusting colours

New Here ,
Feb 12, 2023 Feb 12, 2023

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This issue is a bit hard to explain.

 When I am doing colour grading on my timeline, if I just slightly move ant slider, curve or colour wheel, either the Lumetri Color tab flashes over the playback window, or the other way around, where the playback flashes on where the Lumetri Color window is supposed to be.


This is how it normally should look like




Example of the Lumetri Color window flashing over the playback window(still image, imagine it repedately flashing as I am moving the curve around)



Vice versa, same kind of flashing




This is quite annoying as it makes colour grading very difficult. The changes in the vector scopes and waveforms are not reflected until I click off the setting modifier.


This did actually happen before on a previous install of Windows on my PC. Reinstalling the OS, it vanished, but it appeared again around the time updated my Nvidia drivers(Studio).

But removing it and reinstalling it, or even rolling back to the previous driver did nothing. I have also completely cleared the entire Common folder in AppData(except for ExportSettings) to no avail.


Slightly unrelated, but I have also noticed alot of ghosting when moving the playback marker around the timeline. Hard to see here but you can notice some ghosting of branches on my face.


Bug Unresolved
Color , Editing and playback






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