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Dec 22, 2023 Dec 22, 2023

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The program is lagging even before I open a project. It takes about ten seconds for the program to open the recent projects start up menu. It takes anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds for a project to open. Sometimes it crashes, but ironically that speeds up the opening process. With simple sequences inside of any projects, meaning one layer of footage with no effects except maybe Color Correction, it works perfect. However, as soon as I open a project that has motion graphics of any kind, it slows way down, taking something like 10 seconds to move the playhead from one spot to another. The biggest obstacle is that captions are a nightmare.


As a professional editor, I need to implement captions on almost all of my content. Premiere's native transcript/caption feature is slow, on top of that since I can't create that karaoke effect natively without manually doing it one word at a time, I have to utilize a extension called Submachine. It does the Karaoke effect for me. It translates .SRT files exported from the text window using MOGRT files alongside the transcripts timecodes. And since Premiere's transcript timecode is a joke, I have to move the captions into place, and also correct grammar, among other corrections. And since these are Motion Graphics, importing the captions of a 3 minute video takes 15 minutes. Then I have to edit and move one word at a time with 5 second buffers on at every click. Using this extension (or captions at all) is so painful right now, but it's currently the only way I can put bread on the table. I really need help overcoming this issue. Videos that should take me three hours take me an entire day.


My computer is about 3 1/2 years old. Anything not marked new, I got back in June of 2021.

PC Specs:

- 64gb of DDR4 RAM [Just bought today] (58GB dedicated to Premiere)

- 1TB M.2 for OS Drive

- 1TB M.2 for Active Projects [Just bought this month (All current project assets are stored here)]

- 3 TB HDD for Personal Projects

- 5 TB HDD for Archived Projects

- EVGA Geforce RTX 2060 Super

- Intel i7-9700K CPU

- Windows 10


Just so it's written out, I've attempted these with no effect:

- Reinstalling Premiere (Current Version 24.1)

- Moving existing project files to newly created projects

- Editing in 1/4

- Editing with the Video FX turned off

- Project Settings have CUDA enabled

- Media Cache wipe


I don't use any peripheral accessories. Just Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard.

I edit almost exclusively H.264, Pro Res & BRAW.






I appreciate any help given.

Editing , Effects and Titles , Error or problem , Freeze or hang , Performance






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