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Parametric Equalizer looping playback without auto-generating keyframes?

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Mar 29, 2023 Mar 29, 2023

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When I use the Parametric EQ effect on an audio clip, especially a very short one, I like to loop playback on the clip so I can mess with the parameters in real-time. In the Effect Controls panel, I click the little play button at the bottom ("Play only the audio for this clip") as well as the loop button next to it. But every adjustment I make to the parameters is locked in as a keyframe.


I don't want live keyframes, I just want to play around with the parameters and have it locked off on wherever I leave them last. That's how it works when I hit play in the timeline. Why does it start keyframing if I hit the play button in the bottom of the Effect Controls panel? Is there another way to get the clip to loop without live keyframing?


I found a few other people asking the same question in forums with either no response, or usually a response about Read/Write/whatever in the clip mixer. That doesn't seem to apply, though, since I'm not working with levels here, I'm working with EQ parameters.


And a side question - while looking around for a solution, I noticed in the top right corner of the Parametric EQ "Custom Setup" window there's a button called "Targeted". What does that do? I googled it and cannot find any reference to the button anywhere at all, which seems odd.



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