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Premiere adds extra directories in file paths.

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Oct 16, 2023 Oct 16, 2023

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I'm an assistant editor, mostly working on feature-length documentaries, with a lot of media, shot over years – so media management is complicated, especially, that often I'm taking over productions that somebody else was building up.

A colorist contacted me today with a problem that I have already experienced multiple times but as it wasn't really causing me or the editors any actual problems I wasn't too troubled by it.

The problem being the following: sometimes Premiere adds extra directories in file paths, and so much, that it is impossible to read the actual path anymore. The linking itself is correct, as the path ends at the correct location, and correct file, but the path itself is almost infinite. At this moment I don't have a screenshot at hand, but for example instead of /Volume/Project/Footage/CAM_A/Shot001.mov it gets /Volume/OtherProject/OtherFootage/OtherCameraA/OtherCard/.../Volume/Project/Footage/Cam_A/Shot001.mov

It is the same that this user posted: https://community.adobe.com/t5/premiere-pro-discussions/incorrect-super-long-filepath-in-reconnect-w...


Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Is there an explanation, and even more, a solution for it?









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