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some audio waveforms missing in timeline

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Apr 01, 2023 Apr 01, 2023

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So I see a number of threads about this...  but figure I'll start a new one...  

so working with a client yesterday who I'm providing support for on a complex documentary project with many, many 2 camera interviews and 3 and 4 camera performance clips...    He has started conforming to a paper cut and was complaining that he couldn't always see the waveforms in the timeline...  I tried the obvious things:  clip:  generate audio waveforms  and sequence: render audio.  Didn't make any difference...  I said I'd do some research and did some searching here...    Today I'm editing on another project, cutting a trailer for a feature documentary.  I was provided audio stems and a prores file with mixed audio.  I created a new sequence and replaced the mix audio with the dialog stems and then output that to use as my primary source to do an initial content edit...   and I realized that I didn't have any waveforms in the timeline...  So I did a save as to preserve the previous state in case I screwed something up, and found the output file with the dialog stems in the project, control clicked and chose "make offline."  lo and behold the clips in the timeline were still visible and the audio waveforms were there...  weird, huh...  but I'm not done.  When I control clicked on the source file in the project, make offline was no longer available, but relink media was, although the thumbnail did not indicate it was offline...  I figured it couldn't hurt to relink it,which I did and the waveforms remained.  


I launched the original project before I did the unlinke and relink dance and the waveforms appeared there also.  So not sure what's going on...  Will try this with my clients situation when I'm back there.. and update this thread...

Would love an explanation of what's going on and as always, open to ideas, theories, etc.  



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