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Better motion tracking tools in PP

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Dec 13, 2022 Dec 13, 2022

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Hi, guys. As I can see, no one suggests this so everyone is OK with those motion tracking capabilities Premiere Pro has. Well, I'm not. I suggest and beg Adobe to improve them. 

Right now Premiere Pro can do a simplest motion tracking of an object on a contrasty background and it does it +\- not bad if the object moves along x\y axes, but should it move closer to or farther from the camera and\or rotate PP loses the object quite often. In all my cases when I was trying to motion track with PP's native tracking tool, the software lost the object at some point. In ALL cases. And surely you don't have a perfect contrast everytime, so PP loses practically every time. The strangest thing happens when PP loses the a black dot of a white background - this I cannot understand.

There is a Motion tracking for objects plugin which is based on Premiere Pro tracking so this one does not much  help either. You can use something like Mocha but it 1) costs and 2) is not as friendly as Premiere Pro's own interface and it needs more time to do the tracking than PP (more settings, more actions, jumping into and out of the software, the process of tracking itself is faster though). And there's After Effects with an almost perfect, easy and fast tracking tool, but you have to load +1 software into your RAM so it needs a really powerful PC to work in these two pieces of software at a time. In case you have a huge 40+ minutes project in PP full of effects, color grading, transitions, MOTION GRAPICS MADE IN PP, sound editing, when you start After Effects your PC does not feel happy at  all and the workflow slows down twice. 

So any other ways to do a quick but accurate motion tracking? I know none, maybe you do... 

What I suggest is broadening Premiere Pro's own motion tracking capabilities to an extend where you can track objects faster, more accurately plus have an option to automatically link texts\images to a tracked object to follow it as it can be done in After effects. The way I see it: an additional effect in the effects list which 1) does the tracking of a mask where the mask is a pen-drawn outline which can be expanded or feather but has abbitional outgoing markers around it to track what is outside the mask (like it's made in Mocha) 2) does the tracking of the entire picture (camera tracking. By the way an implementation of such a tracking is made in Warp Stabilizer - the entire picture is tracked at first then  it's warped via pins and scaled up), 3) links a separate track or an object to the tracked sequence or clip. Only these 3 options. For more options - welcome to After Effects\Mocha and so on. But These three will be enough for fast and accurate tracking WITHIN one software.

Please vote if you suppurt the idea.

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