Volume vs Gain vs Amplify. And A few other questions

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Apr 11, 2021 Apr 11, 2021

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Hey there,

I have a few questions and will be as descriptive as I can about each of them. As they are all related I am asking them all at once.


1) What is the difference between Volume vs Gain vs Amplify.

From what I have read,(please do correct me if I am wrong) volume is the "output" sound of the audio, and "gain" increases the "input" signal. So to apply this to premiere when the gain is increased on a clip the clip will have a strong signal to begin with, and when the volume of the same clip is increased it will have a strong signal when it is processed(rendered).


 But then what does amplify do?


What is the correct way to increase the "loudness" of an audio clip. I have been using volume, gain and amplify interchangeably.


2)Big Waveform with audio tracks

When I change the gain the waveform on my timeline changes, but I am unable to apply gain to an audio track, let's say that I know all audio in track-1 will need a gain of 10db.

And I want a big waveform to work with(this is a must) so I would have to apply a gain of +10db to each clip. If add "amplify" or "channel volume" to the audio track I will not get the increased waveform.

What is the solution to this as I am looking to create a template where all audio in track-1 will have some effects applied to it but I am not getting the increased waveform.











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