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Staying Safe in the Adobe Community

Adobe Employee ,
May 03, 2022 May 03, 2022

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We wanted to add some extra information to the "Be Safe" section of our Community Guidelines for your consideration:

Do not share your own or others’ personal information (like full name, home address, phone number, email address, government-issued IDs, or anything else that would let someone locate or contact you in the real world). 


Beware of users purporting to be Adobe employees who are requesting your personal information or trying to gain access to your computer. Never share your serial number with anyone. Please use the report button if you detect anything suspicious. 


Here are 3 easy ways you can identify Adobe Employees:

  1. All Adobe employees have the Adobe Employee role and the red Adobe logo under their avatar. This is visible on profile pages -logo does not appear on profile-, original posts, and replies. 
    Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 16.35.47.png

  2.  Genuine Adobe emails always end in @adobe.com
    Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 16.29.52.png

  3. Adobe employees will never ask you to share your password or private/sensitive information in the Adobe Community. If one-on-one support is needed, an Adobe employee will always direct you to communicate through an official Adobe channel to set up a secure support session.Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 16.30.35.png

Please report any suspicious behavior by clicking the ‘Report’ button, and report phishing attempts via phishing@adobe.com.

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