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Few ideas (eventual jobseek)

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Feb 22, 2024 Feb 22, 2024

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Hello there.


1. Instead of text generation:
a)you upload a picture with your underlay text or shape
b)you choose the style (shadow, frame, glow, palette, diffusion, blur, wind, pixelblow etc)
c)you type your prompt
d)You choose 1/5 overlays
e)You do the color/brightness adjusting

f)You get the picture (chosing BG Greenscreen/Image/NoBG/Filetype)

I would also be interested in making the animated version of app. I think we should be able to choose between pre-made palets (special ones like neon glow, fire alike, smoke alike etc.). It would be good to have a second step option (to add next characteristic to our text). Tool to melt down our finished work into other img would also be nice (blurring edges, mixing styles, layer adjustment etc).

For xtra:
Font makers, Font shapers etc.

[Removed by Mod]

Idea No status
Audio and video , Design , Desktop , Imaging






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