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Camera Raw update not only horrible but dangerous

Engaged ,
Nov 09, 2020 Nov 09, 2020

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As I have said before, they made it take longer to crop, as you can't move the box, but must move the subject into it, which may take several drags if its far out.  And you can't modify exposure or anything till you uncrop.  2 steps, where before there were one and the 1st takes longer so multiple times longer to do a series.  So 1 hour of a download may take 3 or more.  


So the trash basket was removed.  Before I would highlight a whole column, and keep unselecting the top, going down the line.  Clicking trash would put all below as possible trash, but when I came upon I didn't want to lose, I'd click trash again and all below would not be trash.  

Now this doesn't work and by clicking trash on the row and clicking again, then they remain trash.  I couldn't get rid of the trashcan on all of them, and next thing I pressed done, missing cancel and 17 flying Short-eared Owl shots were deleted.  Because I download manually they were still on the camera, and I recovered but this is unbelievably the stupidest Camera Raw imaginable, with no way to untrash evident.  

It is apparently a cynical scheme to make it so unworkable that people will use Lightroom.  I have, tried it don't like it. I don't think it even recognized the thousands of keywords and metadata I applied in Bridge.  I asked a professional photographer who uses Lightroom to show me how she rough edits.  After that, I showed her how much faster my method in Camera Raw is (now was) and she switched to using that.


A lot being said about loss of freedom in the US.  Adobe is heavily involved in depriving us of doing things the way we prefer, with their unwanted automatic updates, on top of their monopolisitic subscription scheme. 


Camera RAW , Metadata , Performance , Problem or error






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