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CCLibruary.app STILL using 100%CPU and causing fans constantly on - MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.

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Oct 20, 2021 Oct 20, 2021

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I recently upgraded my macOS to Big Sur v11.6. Since then, my battery life has been shocking and my fans have been constantly on at full speed. I spent over an hour on the phone with Apple support. They identified the issue to be clearly and absolutely the fault of CCLibruary.app. Using Activity Monitor, they identified that CCLibruary.app is constantly using 100% CPU time and deduced from that, that the constant full running of fans was due to this app. Force quitting this app in Activity Monitor resolved the issue. Absolutely confirmation that the CCLibruary.app is responsible for this issue.


I found this thread on the Community "CCX Process" & "CCLibrary" CPU at 100% not yet resolved (Jul 2021)"(https://community.adobe.com/t5/creative-cloud-services-discussions/quot-ccx-process-quot-amp-quot-cc...). Clearly then, this remains an issue.


The above thread suggests that AdGuard is the issue. I do not have AdGurad installed – never had.


A previous thread to the above, ""CCX Process" and "CCLibrary" causing 100% CPU load and max fan speed in 16" MacBook Pro? (https://community.adobe.com/t5/creative-cloud-services-discussions/quot-ccx-process-quot-and-quot-cc...),  suggests that the issue is related to CCX Process and that an update has been released. This update is 'apparently' installed automatically through Creative Cloud. I have force quit Creative Cloud, re-started, re-logged in - which I presume should update CCX Process to the latest version - however, the issue has not been resolved!


Clearly, from the number of people who are experiencing this issue - it is genuine and is an issue with Adobe software. I'm, not an Adobe expert, so I am relying on Adobe to recognise and accept that this is a real and genuine problem and fix it.


Incidentally, while troubleshooting this issue with Apple, it came to my attention that two new apps have appeared in my Adobe folder in Launchpad: Creative Cloud Desktop App and Creative Cloud Helper. Neither were present last time I looked: only Creative Cloud.


I believe that the Creative Cloud Helper may have something to do with log on access. If so, it probably got installed when I added this to my iPhone. If I click on the icon, nothing happens - suggesting it's a background process. But if so, why add an icon to the folder giving the appearance it is some kind of app? If not, then why does nothing happen when clicked? Also, does this have anything to do with the CCLibruary.app issue I have only just started to experience?


On clicking the Creative Cloud Desktop App, absolutely nothing happens! If this does nothing, then what is the point of it and why has it been installed? If it is supposed to do something, what is it supposed to do - and since it is not, could this have anything to do with the CCLibruary.app issue?


Thanks in advance. 









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