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Lightroom Develop display overlaid with extra windows on laptop screen

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Oct 10, 2022 Oct 10, 2022

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I have just installed Lightroom 11.5 on Windows 11, and am having a number of issues.  First, and most significant is a problem in the Develop module. I expected to see a preview of my photo in the large main window at the center of the develop module, but instead this is a blank gray square.  The image I expected to see there is in a tiny additional window overlaid on top of everything else, as you can see in Screenshot1.  Clicking in the central gray square enlarges part of the image in the tiny window - it's as if the acutal picture was present in the gray square, but is invisible.  I can't see any of the Navigator controls (Fit, Fill) because they're covered up by this extra window.  In addition, while the menu font across the top of the screen (File, Edit, etc) is sized appropriately, the button font is overly large (Library, etc), and runs off screen.  This is present in the Library module as well.  I can't actually see all of the module buttons because of this. 

I'm running Lightroom on my laptop, and I'm wondering if this has something to do with the resolution of my screen (2256x1504).  In my Windows settings I have the System > Display > Scale setting to the recommended 200% - anything smaller makes all other program windows way too tiny.

Moving the Lightroom window to a larger monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 (scale setting 100%) fixes the main problem, putting the main preview at the center of the screen, just where I expect it to be - no tiny auxiliary window.  I have this second monitor connected to my laptop, but "2nd monitor" is not enabled in Lightroom.  Sliding lightroom over to the large monitor doesn't change the appearance of the font sizes, but does give me enough room to enlarge the Lr window to see all of the modules.  While this is one solution, I want to be able to run Lr on my laptop alone, when I'm traveling or just in another room and don't have an extra monitor!  Back on the laptop screen, clicking the Tab key enlarges the tiny window but doesn't close the side tabs.  And this REALLY messes up the display, doubling up many panels and overlaying them, as you can see in Screenshot2.  Sliding this messed up screen over to my larger monitor again "fixes" the display issue, but it returns as soon as I try to use my laptop screen alone.

I have tried uninstalling Lightroom, getting rid of the catalog and all present files and reinstalling, but this makes no difference.  I don't want to change the Windows screen scaling, since then I couldn't use any other programs.  I want to be able to use lightroom on my laptop alone, and am hoping someone in the community can help out!  Thanks!








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