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P: View full size photos on the import screen (iPad/iPhone)

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Feb 10, 2023 Feb 10, 2023

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In Lightroom for iPad/iPhone, being able to view full size photos in the import window (from SD or Camera) would be HUGE for photographers like me who need the fastest and most efficient workflow possible.


Right now, I have to do a workflow of:
Snapbridge(Nikon app) -> select RAWphotos in the app-> download the selected ones to ipad -> import the downloaded RAW files into LR from the camera roll.


Why? because snapbridge offers me the opportunity to view the photos from the camera in full size, zoom and select them from the full screen for later download.

But this workflow adds extra steps that could be avoided if Lightroom had the chance to do it itself. Being able to see the photos in full size, being able to zoom in (with a medium optimal resolution), going forwards or backwards through the photos, and being able to select them with a checkbox.


This is necessary to be able to see which photos you really want to import (focusing, composition, gestures of people, eyes opened/closed), and not have to import ALL and make the selection later. That adds a lot of unnecessary time to the process.


Please add this, I'm sure it's something super easy for you to do. You can take the snapbridge app (nikon) as an example.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my english,


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