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File Recovery

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Nov 01, 2023 Nov 01, 2023

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Adobe's oversight is quite significant.

While the Auto Recover feature is a lifeline for many users, it falls short by restricting its functionality to system or application crashes. This limitation misses a golden opportunity to salvage files that are inadvertently closed due to accidental selection errors during the "save" prompt. Allow me to illustrate with a personal example: I was working on an exquisitely beautiful project, simultaneously managing multiple files (three, to be exact). When prompted to save, I mistakenly chose not to, unaware that I had selected the wrong file. This resulted in the closure of my priceless work, leaving me utterly disappointed.

I earnestly request an expansion of the recovery option to include ONE last saved state, even if the user opts not to save. This would be invaluable for rectifying accidental errors when dealing with multiple open files, where it can be easy to misinterpret which file is being prompted for saving. I am certain that many others have encountered this issue, as it stems from inadequate confirmation of the file about to be closed.

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