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Keyboard Shortcut for Generative Fill

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Dec 06, 2023 Dec 06, 2023

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I love the Generative Fill future and use it regulary. When processing photos for my son's hockey team, there are a couple of sponsor signs on the glass in the background that are very distracting, and I use Gnerative Fill to go through each image (25 players x 3 poses each = 75 images!) and remove them. It is amazing to me that I can select the sign, just click "Generative Fill" and then "Generate," and magically the sign is gone! That has saved me so much time versus when I used to have to remove those signs manually in years past. However, I am a HEAVY keyboard user...my process flow includes almost nothing but keyboard shortcuts, which save me so much time. It would be great if there were a single keyboard shortcut that would just run the Generative Fill command on the selected area of the image. I have never needed to add a prompt, since I am just trying to remove the distraction, so if there was just one keyboard shortcut that would run Generative Fill, that would be an amazing time saver for me!

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