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Exported video freezing/choppy (DJI - h265 footage)

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Feb 08, 2023 Feb 08, 2023

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We've been running CC2021 for a few years now, as it's been relatively stable and bug-free. Adobe forced us to "upgrade" by shutting down the speech-to-text servers for captioning, and, as expected, CC2023 is riddled with bugs and contains some absolutely hilariously poorly-thought-out UX issues.
**long, slow clap**

The issue we're currently wrestling with is that drone footage from our DJIs won't export. Playback is smooth on the timeline, but when exporting through either AME or Premiere, the clips appear frozen, or extremely choppy (like, 0.5 or 1 fps). Drone footage is UHD 59.94fps h265. The exact same footage located on the exact same drive plays back properly in every standalone video player we have (including on phones). It plays back and exports properly in Pr v15 (CC2021).
This is NOT an issue surrounding "high hardware requirements for h265" or "long GOP decoding requirements" or "the efficiency of DJI's encoder". This is a straight-up Premiere fart-up.
Please advise on how we can get Premiere Pro to actually do the one job it is expected to do: export professional-grade video content. Re-encoding all of our drone footage to an intermediate codec is not a solution. Disabling hardware encoding for all of our exports is not a solution (and doesn't solve the issue, anyway).

This is a common problem on several of our machines (both newer and older than mine), but let's just use the specs for my personal workstation --
Windows 10 Pro v 22H2

Premiere "Pro" 23.1.0

Ryzen 3800x


GTX 1080

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