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How to fix lag & update your project to new version of Premiere, from 2023 (or earlier) to 2024.

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Mar 13, 2024 Mar 13, 2024

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For a Mac Pro 2019 and probably any other machine, running Ventura 13.6.4, Premiere Pro V24.2.1 seems to work well, but you cannot just open your project in the new version of Premiere or it will lag like crazy. I don't know about the color shift export stuff yet, but here is what you do to upgrade/update project from previous Premiere Pro version like 2023 or earlier:


1 Backup your existing project (you should already have this on another drive)

2 Make a new project in Premiere Pro v24.2.1 (then click inside one of your project windows if you don't see the menu bar on Mac)

3 Import Project - File > Import > Choose file > Import

4 Check > Import the entire project (unless you only need certain timelines)

5 Click OK


I think the laggy project, beachballs and terrible performance is some kind of bug that happens when you just try to open the project in a new version of Premiere Pro. This worked for me and I hope it helps you. It will probably work accross diferent Macs as well as PCs. Prehaps it properly updates your project and the auto one is bugged? Who knows. It just works.

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