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Proxy Export Issue

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Oct 22, 2021 Oct 22, 2021

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So I was editing clips with proxies. I utilized an image over the proxies. I edited the entire project with the proxies. It seems like for clips that were 120FPS I'm potentially having issues? When I put them on the timeline to begin with they were 400% so I had to slow them down to 25% just to play in real time. So I figured they were still fine for export. When I go to export and export without proxies. The ENTIRE edit is different than the edit with proxies. All the timing of the clips is off. I'm assuming this is because of the 25% adjustment or some reason having to do with my 120FPS clips. It seems like those are the ones that errored. Will post a clip of screen shot with the proxies ON and OFF and you can see its an entirely different frame in the export. Anyone have an idea on what to do to export the edit I utilized with proxies in full bitrate? I dont really want to export with the proxies on either as this should be a shittier version? When I uncheck export with proxies the edit is just substantially different because it must be using different timecodes (metadata?) from the proxies than the HD version. For example if I utilized 1:00-3:24 of a clip. When I export with out proxies. It will utilize 2:45-4:54 of the clip instead of the same time in and time out point. Obviously those times aren't exact. Just an example. 

Here's a link to the exported version with proxies which video wise is exactly how I want it to look. Unfortunately it has the proxy image I attached prior to using the proxies to know I was using proxies, per the suggestion of a Youtuber who showed me how to use proxies.



If need be I can export the version without proxies if I'm not explaining this well enough. Basically all the timestamps of the proxy version are different than the ones without proxies when exporting. Hope I've described this well enough. Thanks for the help!

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