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Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro 23.3!

Adobe Employee ,
Apr 13, 2023 Apr 13, 2023

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Welcome to Premiere Pro 23.3!

Update Icon.png

Hello, and welcome to the April release of Premiere Pro! Premiere Pro 23.3 is now available from the Creative Cloud desktop app. The new features include the following:




This update is recommended for all users. 


If you are experiencing any issues, please create a new thread explaining your problem rather than placing it here so that we can help. If you have a bug to report or any complaint, please do that on the bug reports forum.


Complete List of New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro 23.3


Editing and Workflow

The 23.3 update of Premiere Pro includes important fixes, optimizations, and user-requested optimizations. This release is recommended for all users.


Learn about best practices for updating Premiere Pro here.

Export directly to Adobe Media Encoder

whats-new-pr-march-export-directly-media-encoder.jpg.img.jpgA new menu item and keyboard shortcut allow editors to send their sequence directly to Media Encoder for export, bypassing Export mode.




Export to AME1.pngUse the new menu command (File > Export > Send to Adobe Media Encoder) or keyboard shortcut (Alt + Shift + M (Windows) or Option + Shift + M (macOS)) to export your sequence to Adobe Media Encoder. Exporting via Media Encoder means exporting happens in the background so you can continue working in Premiere Pro.









For more information, see:

Easily accessible recently used presets in Export mode

whats-new-pr-feb-easy-accebility.jpg.img.jpgThe Preset menu in the Export mode now shows the last three presets you’ve exported, making it easier to quickly apply them with other sequences, clips, or projects. There's also a new keyboard shortcut you can use for reaching exports in Media Encoder more easily.





export-recent-preset-premiere-pro 2.jpg













For more information, check out: 

Drag and drop project items in Productions

whats-new-pr-march-drag-drop-project.jpg.img.jpgUse drag and drop to move assets and sequences between projects in your production. To copy an item, press Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging.





Pr23.2_dragdrop-project-items-in-Productions (2)-01.jpgMoving assets between projects within the same Production is now easier. Drag and drop to move any project item to a different project, where the asset is saved to the root folder. To copy, press Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging and dropping.

Production provides a framework for larger, multi-project workflows in Premiere Pro, such as assistant editors working with their editor.


Productions makes it easy for editorial teams to use shared storage to work with a common media pool and stay organized.


For more information, see:

Improved R3D performance

whats-new-pr-march-improved-red-performance.jpg.img.jpgThe 23.3 update for Premiere Pro offers significantly improved performance for RED R3D footage on Apple M1 and M2 Macs.





For more information, see:

GPU acceleration for Center Split transition

whats-new-pr-march-center-split-gpu.jpg.img.jpgCenter Split provides a stylized transition where the image splits into four quadrants that disappear in the screen's corners – or appear if the transition is reversed. Like other Premiere Pro transitions, Center Split is highly customizable.


With GPU acceleration, playback is improved, and exports become faster when using this transition.


For more information see:

GPU acceleration for Non-Additive Dissolve transition

whats-new-pr-march-non-disolve-transition-gpu (1).jpg.img.jpgNon-Additive Dissolve creates a transition by mapping the luminance of the first clip to the second one. Unlike a standard Cross Dissolve, both clips are more clearly visible during the transition but without the burst of brightness that comes from Additive Dissolve


GPU acceleration improves playback performance and leads to faster export for Non-Additive Dissolve.

For more information see:

GPU acceleration for Split transition


The Split transition provides a stylized effect for things like a scene opening, where the previous clip splits, and the two halves move off-screen, revealing the new clip. Like other transitions, the effect is customizable.


GPU acceleration improves the effect's performance, including better performance in the effects stack for faster exports.


For more information, see:

New Learn panel

whats-new-pr-new-learn-pannel.jpg.img.jpgExperience the new Learn panel to easily navigate and access customized tutorials. With higher personalization of content, you can create your watchlist to complete your learning courses anytime..



Learn panel1.png

Access the new Learn panel by choosing Window > Workspaces > Learning.


Quickly discover new playlists and get recommendations based on your learning curve.


Select My Learning to create, download, and access your watchlist and catch up on your tutorials anytime.






For more information, see:

Improved import workflow for MOGRTs

whats-new-pr-feb-mogart.jpg.img.jpgWhen importing Motion Graphics templates into a project, a new dialog box explains that the template will be stored under the Browse tab in the Essential Graphics panel (and not in the Project panel).










For more information, see:


Premiere Pro Beta

Check out the following new feature that was released in Premiere Pro Beta.

Assemble Rough Cuts from Transcriptions

whats-new-max-pr-assemble-rough-transcripts.jpgUse drag and drop to move assets and sequences between projects in your production. To copy an item, press Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging.





For more information, see:


Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 23.3 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues







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