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Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro 23.5!

Adobe Employee ,
Jun 21, 2023 Jun 21, 2023

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Welcome to Premiere Pro 23.5!

Update Icon.png

Hello, and welcome to the June release of Premiere Pro! Premiere Pro 23.5 is now available for download from the Creative Cloud desktop app. The new features include the following:



This update is recommended for all users. 


If you are experiencing any issues, please create a new post explaining your problem so that the community can help. If you have a bug to report or any complaint, please do that on our Bugs forum.


Complete List of New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro 23.5


Editing and Workflow
The June release of Premiere Pro (version 23.5) introduces a new metadata and timecode burn-in effect, guidance for installing a BRAW plug-in, the ability to monitor your Team Projects save and sync status, the ability to choose the Team Projects Auto Save location, and includes important fixes and user-requested improvements like improved timeline scrubbing and playback. This update is recommended for all users.


Learn about best practices for updating Premiere Pro.

Metadata & Timecode Burn-in effect

  whats-new-pr-metadata.jpgIn workflows that rely on viewing and exporting displayed clip metadata such as Frame Rate, Sound Timecode, or File Name, now you have the flexibility to view what you need, where you need it, for quick and easy reference.


Metadata Overview.pngYou can use the effect to display useful clip metadata for reference in the edit, send it to an external monitor, or include it on your media upon export.


This highly requested feature takes the timecode burn-in to the next level, putting more information into the hands of editors who need to view and communicate in-depth metadata to collaborators.


The Metadata & Timecode Burn-in effect can be applied to a single clip, adjustment layer, or transparent clip to display clip metadata in a text overlay for maximum flexibility. Each instance of the effect can display up to five lines of metadata. 


For more information, see this link.

See the full documentation for the feature here.

Guidance for installing BRAW plugin

whats-new-pr-braw.jpgIf you work with Blackmagic RAW inside Premiere Pro, we’ll help you identify the plugin you need so you can get editing. 


If you want to work with Blackmagic RAW, we’ll help you identify the plugin you need so you can get editing. When you import BRAW, you’ll now receive assistance inside Premiere Pro to find and install the required plugin.


For more information, check out this link here.

Read the full documentation on this feature here.

Improved timeline scrubbing and playback

whats-new-pr-improve-timeline.jpgWe’ve continued to make optimizations to the timeline, so dragging the playhead always feels smooth and precise.


For more information, see more info here.


Monitor your Team Projects save and sync status

whats-new-pr-project-save.jpgNew controls and indicators in Premiere Pro give peace of mind that your Team Projects are safe. Choose project auto save locations and monitor their status in the header bar while you edit.




Project sync.pngGet more peace of mind that your Team Projects are safe and exactly where you left them.  A cloud icon in Team Projects allows you to keep track of the save and sync state of your project during collaboration. When you select the cloud icon, a tooltip will update you with details, such as when the Team Projects synced last or if changes are saved locally with a sync pending. 


The cloud icon also indicates if you’re connected or disconnected. If you’re offline and disconnected, the tooltip will notify you that the changes made are saved locally and will be synced once the internet connection is restored. 

Regardless of your connectivity, you’ll always be the first to know what’s going on with your Team Projects.

For more information, see this link.

Full documentation about the feature is here.

Choose Team Projects Auto Save location

whats-new-pr-auto-save.jpgTake control of your Team Projects Auto Save files by choosing where to store and save them on your local system.




Auto Save TP.jpgNow you have control over where your Team Projects are located with the new option to specify a location on your local system where the Team Project Auto Save cache will be saved. As you work and make changes, Team Projects are auto saved in the background to this specified location.


Team Projects auto saves with every edit you make in your project, so you’ll never miss a cut.


For more information, see this link here.

More documentation about this feature can be found here.


Premiere Pro Beta

Currently, there are five new features in Premiere Pro Beta you can have a look at.

Audio Auto-Tagging

 whats-new-pr-auto-audio-tagging.jpgAutomatically tag audio files as Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience to reveal controls in the Essential Sound panel to help you quickly create professional sound quality in Premiere Pro.




Audio Tagging.pngThe new Audio Auto-Tag feature in Premiere Pro automatically categorizes audio files into Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience and surfaces easy-to-use controls specific to that category in the Essential Sound panel so you can get to work quickly creating professional quality sound.



For more information, see this link.

See the full documentation on the feature here.

SRT support

whats-new-pr-srt-support.jpgSecure Reliable Transport (SRT) can now be used to stream video and audio content from Premiere Pro to a viewing client application over local networks or the internet.




SRT.pngSecure Reliable Transport (SRT) can be used to stream video and audio content from Premiere Pro to a viewing client application over local networks or the internet. 

SRT is a widely used open-source protocol that offers more encryption, better performance over unstable connections, and less data loss than other streaming methods.


For more information, check out this link.

See the full documentation on the feature here.

Color Manager

whats-new-pr-color-management.jpgThe Color Manager consolidates many color settings into a single tab so you can quickly and easily modify them and see the impact on your media.se a single workspace to modify your media, sequences, or display-related color settings easily. The Color workspace now offers various color-related settings bundled into a single place.


Color Settings.png

The new Color Manager in Premiere Pro consolidates all color settings under a new tab in the Lumetri Color panel. These settings were earlier spread across panels and General preferences.


Input Color Space

Manage LUTs or recognize Panasonic S-Log, Sony V-Log, and Canon C-Log media with the appropriate color space automatically in the Color workspace settings, which was previously only available under Modify Clip settings.


Working Color Space

To further simplify the workflow, the ProjectSequence, and Clip settings have been included under the Working Color Space. Manage the Tone Mapping method, understand the color space conversions in your media, and access other advanced settings.


Display Color Space

Manage your displays and transmit devices all in one place. 


For more information, check out this link.

See the full documentation on the feature here.

Invite to collaborate on Team Projects

whats-new-pr-invite-collaboration-teams-project.jpgCollaborate confidently using the Share option in Team Projects and invite video editing collaborators to any Premiere Pro project you create.





Now collaborate on any stand-alone Premiere Pro project by using the new Share button. 

Your collaborators will get notified that they have been invited to the project and can edit the shared sequences immediately. 


The collaborators will get a standard view of the bin and clip organizations in their Project panel.


You can also use native features in Team Projects to ensure seamless and conflict-free video editing collaboration. Learn more about collaboration using Team Projects.


For more information, see this link.

See the full documentation on the feature here.

Restore projects through Recovery Mode

whats-new-pr-recover-projects.jpg.img.jpgYou can now easily recover and restore the last saved state of your open projects in case Premiere Pro quits unexpectedly.




Recovery mode.jpgYou can now easily recover and continue working on your Premiere Pro projects if your app crashes unexpectedly.


You'll get a restoration pop-up when you reopen Premier Pro. Select Reopen to open all the projects in their previous state.


If you wish to restore previous versions of your projects, you can revert to the last user-saved state by using File > Revert.


For more information, see this link.

See the full documentation on the feature here.


Complete documentation for Premiere Pro 23.5 features

New Features

Fixed Issues

Known issues







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