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Make the Source Monitor's "Drag Audio Only" button easier to use (1 step instead of up to 4)

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Feb 04, 2023 Feb 04, 2023

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Dragging audio from the Source Monitor to the Timeline with the "Drag Audio Only" button currently takes anywhere from 1-4 steps.  Example:

1. Attempt to drag audio from Source Monitor to Timeline using the "Drag Audio Only" button.

Is Audio Source Patching turned on? Yes?  Congratulations, it worked.  No?

2. Turn on Source Patching for Audio.

3. Drag audio once again.  Now it worked.  But wait... Source Patching was off because the user wanted it off to begin with!

4. Turn Source Patching off again.


Here's the 1-step workflow I suggest:

1. Drag audio from Source Monitor to Timeline using the "Drag Audio Only" button.

Done!  It works every single time whether Source Patching is turned on or off! 


Limiting use of the "Drag Audio Only" button to when Audio Source Patching is turned on provides no tangible benefit to users, so why not let editors use that button even if they have Source Patching turned off?  After all, the "Drag Video Only" and "Drag Audio Only" buttons are meant to work as overrides when both Video and Audio Patching are turned on.  So why not let these buttons work as overrides when Source Patching is turned off as well?  Since there are no downsides to making these buttons more flexible, please improve them Adobe!


Pr's interface should help editors get their work done faster, in fewer steps, anywhere it makes sense.  Always being able to accomplish a task in 1 step instead of up to 4 steps would provide a more efficient, frictionless workflow.

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