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Please can we get a nearest neighbour scaling option for those of us who edit game footage

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Aug 15, 2023 Aug 15, 2023

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This has been asked a few times on this forum and it seems like most people just don't understand the issue.

The specific use case is this: I'm an editor who works with a lot of video game footage. Many video games are built out of pixel art. Chunky pixels are a stylistic choice. When you punch-in to this footage in Premiere (which one might often to when cutting a trailer, for impact etc), the pixel art becomes a blurry mess, because Premiere's default (and unchangable) Lanczos scaling algorithm tries to blend the adjacent pixels together (which works great for live-action footage, but is absolutely awful for pixel art).

If you don't understand why anyone would choose nearest neighbour scaling over bilinear/bicubic/Lanczos, please refrain from replying.

Nearest neighbour scaling preserves the sharpness of pixel art. It would be an incredibly useful option to have for those of us who regularly work with game footage, and it would be nice for Adobe to try and actually understand the request properly instead of once again explaining what upscaling is as if we're idiots.

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