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PPRO Auto Mask Subjects Feature

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Aug 26, 2023 Aug 26, 2023

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Hopefully with the release of FireFly in PPro these AI features will make an appearance,  Adobe Photoshop has logged a lot of data training on selecting subjects over the years, so I am not sure yet as to why Adobe has not attempted to implement such features in the video realm of editing,  I so often find myself wanting to adjust skin tones, but find it incredibly difficult at times to find the perfect balance between selecting the skin tones and not selecting other elements in the scene that lay on the similar color scope as the skin.  Other issues present themselves when I want to creatively enhance lets say the blues in the sky to a higher luminance, but the subjects eyes are noticeably the same or say a green plant I want to be more vivid, but the eyes become overly vivid as well when adjusting the luminance of the plants because the HSL selection tool is only so so accurate, these are generic examples I know my point is,  having the ability of facial features detection so I can easily tell Premiere Pro to automatically omit a visual portion of a clip from an adjustment layer I made for something specific would be very intuitive.  Creating masks manually is one approach but only reliable if the shot is static, if it is a moving clip creating masks would be impractical in this scenario. 


Best Regards, 


Michael Cervinka 

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