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P: Faces being tied to Keywords doesn't allow for name changes over time

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Sep 03, 2023 Sep 03, 2023

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The People / Faces feature in Lightroom Classic basically adds a keyword of the person's name and then has its own spot for sorting by face.  This ends up being very limiting though as far as organization and I'd like to see some changes to the system. 

By tying the face system to the keyword system, there is little room in the system for people whose names change over time.  Ultimately it is the same person so I want to keep all photos of them together, but allow for the name change.  A simple example is a woman who gets married and changes her last name.  I may have some older photos of her tagged as "Jane Smith," and newer photos tagged as "Jane Jones."  But to keep her as the same "person" in the current face organization system, Lightroom Classic wants those keywords to align with the name assigned in the People / Faces section. 

There are some workarounds in the program that I've found - I'll name the Face as the most recent name ("Jane Smith Jones"), and then if I add an older photo when she went by Jane Smith, I can tag the face (which automatically adds the keyword), then delete the "Jones" part of the name in the keyword.  This is simply my desire for how to use the program - I want a photo of pre-married Jane to reflect her name at the time in the keywords.  My issue is that the program works against me doing this. 

At least a married woman usually keeps her old last name as a maiden name.  It is even more difficult with people who go by completely different names or nicknames at different times in their life, transgender people who change their names, or performers who adopt stage names.

Untying Faces from Keywords would allow a lot more flexibility with this.  Adding something like alternate names in the Face area would be even better!

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