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Premiere pro slow!!! GPU 0% CPU 100% but only on layers that have an applied mask on OBS mp4 file

Community Beginner ,
Jan 31, 2024 Jan 31, 2024

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I have a problem with Premire pro rendering and playback. BUT!!! Only with files recorded with OBS!

When applying a layer mask it stops paylback, can not see anything at all, not even at 1/4th.

I literally simplyfied the process just for this one file, so I can actually add effects to it after I exported it, because with edits it is impossible to render, it takes hours to do so on a small project in a 3-4 minute long video. WTF

File parameters:


Recorded with OBS

Recording settings are here



I did cut out some parts, but it is just one file

I duplicated the video layer by pressing down shift and pulling up the video layer so I have 2 layers to work with.

In this project 2 people talking but one of them had audio sync issues so that is why I duplicated the video layer to mask out the one person who had no sync issues. I put the video on top with the masked layer as it should be overwriting the one below so the audio sync issues would be gone from the finished footage.


mask properties


Keep in mind that with everything else, any other videos, images even gifs the GPU acceleration is perfectly working, and my render speed is very good. I barely have to wait for a 2-3 minute video to render, usually in a matter of seconds, and the CPU barely have to move.

I have done this type of editing on many occasions with no problem. So I am thinking that this has to be the problem with the footage I have recorded with OBS, I am just not sure what kind of parameters Premiere pro isn't okay with. Since some times I even work with higher grade DSLR footage , and it is still fine.


Here is what happens when I try to render, it shuts off the GPU and goes to render on CPU... However anything else, any other video, image , gif file I use in premiere renders with GPU, never even bothers the CPU too much.

Also here on this picture you can see my CPU and GPU type and ram.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB

32 GB DDR4 ram on board


Screenshot 2024-01-31 154738.png

I am not sure if this is a bug, but figured worth throwing it up here.


I am also lowering my recording settings for now, see what happens, it has to be some sort of file decoding issues or whatever is with the recorded mp4 from OBS, but if anyone encountered this before, or can see where I may have made the mistake in any settings, let me know!


And as I have said, the CUDA id on, all GPU acceleration is perfectly fine, except when it comes to a masked out version of this footage from OBS, any other masked out footage also renders with GPU . Only this one has issues and instantly stops GPU render, and starts rendering on CPU. WEIRD!!!!


Here are some settings from premiere


Here are the exporting settings (not that it matters because the file literally crashes even the playback in PP after the mask is applied to it! )




I'm literally open to any suggestions...

Bug Unresolved
Computer configuration , Editing and playback , Export , Graphics , User experience or interface






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1 Comment
Jan 31, 2024 Jan 31, 2024

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OBS creates VFR media at times, which can be problematic of course. 


I'm not sure from you system listing if say that CPU has native QuickSync, Intel's term for internal hardware for decoding/encoding long-GOP media like what you get from OBS.


@RjL190365 would be the "resident expert" on such things, if they are available.