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Premiere unlinks AE Dynamic Link imports on timeline when saving AE project in background

New Here ,
Jan 22, 2024 Jan 22, 2024

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On a Premiere timeline containing AE comps dynamic linked into it, if you open AE and save the file with your cursor still on the comp in Premiere, it will often unlink the file and require you to manually unlink it. This usually happens every time you save the AE file.


On my setup, my AE and project files are hosted on an SMB share on the local network. As far as I know this network is stable and without problems, except for this one particular bug. 


Steps to recreate:


1. Create Project

2. Make video clip and right-click -> Replace with AE composition OR

    - Import AE composition into project panel directly

3. Make sure project is open in AE

4. Leave timeline cursor on AE dynamic linked comp

5. Alt-tab into AE, then make a change to project and save

6. Alt-tab back into Premiere, and the project will unlink and be marked as missing media


To remedy:


Right click -> Link media, and the correct AE project will automatically be highlighted, meaning Premiere definitely already knows where the asset is and that it exists.


Possible fixes for this bug:


1. Make it so Premiere double checks when a file disconnects. Just look one more time to see if the project is still there

2. Tell Premiere to chill and give it a second before insisting the project has vanished


Version 24.0.0 Build S8, but this problem has persisted for years across many versions

Windows 10, up to date

Threadripper 3990X

Radeon 6800XT (up to date drivers)


Let me know if I can provide any more info.

Bug Unresolved
Interoperability or 3rd party tools , Performance or Stability , Projects or collaboration






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1 Comment
Community Beginner ,
Jan 22, 2024 Jan 22, 2024

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I randomly started dealing with a similar problem today. I have been using dynamic links in all of my recent projects with zero problems for months. Links are broken when opening old projects and while working on new projects. When ever I save the Ae project it breaks the link in Pr offlining those compositions. It's a frustrating bug slowing down my workflow having to continuously relink multiple compositions every time I make a change on one of them in Ae.


I'm on a Mac Studio

Sanoma 14.2.1

Apple M2 Max

64GB Memory