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Pro Res Previews - Broken in Premiere Pro for nearly two years - FIX IT !

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Apr 27, 2024 Apr 27, 2024

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The problem with losing Pro Res Previews in Premiere Pro on Project Close and RE-open has been submittted many times in Bug Reports on this Forum.

So far Adobe have done sweet nothing to respond to User Accounts of this issue apart from Kevin Monahan who has also verified this happens with his MAC platform and raised an internal bug report.

An 'Internal' Bug report is filed but it is impossible for end users to find out what is happening as nobody from Engineering responds.



You are working in Hybrid Pro Res Mode to create a Final Pro Res 422 Master of your Project.

Previews are Set as Quicktime Pro Res 422 and in my case 4K UHD Frame 3840 x 2160

50 fps.

I render as I go along. I can see all Pro Res Previews successfully Created in Video Previews Folder

Timeline - Green where renders required or Yellow where GPU has handled them.

All renders done.

Save Project, Close project whilst you go to lunch ....or whatever

Come back- open project - Previews still there in Video Previews Folder all OK - except - you get random loss of renders available on the timeline with Red Bars.

See this with pictures below in post




This problem can be replicated and demonstrated. It is not some esoteric crash or weird phenomena.

It is a BASIC FUNCTION of Premiere Pro and has been ignored for nearly two years by Engineering.

It is an obvious problem you could spot at any QA stage.


This Bug Report is aimed at Adobe engineering - (we are told to use this method now to report bugs).

The apparent problem is that nobody in Engineering ever ever ever responds to such a fundamental bug report. So why suggest using this method?. Are you hiding ?



As I was trying to use Hybrid Pro Res Working (promoted by Kevin Monahan which originally used to work very well), this also relied in being able to USE ALL YOUR RENDERED VIDEO PREVIEWS DURING EXPORT rather than generate them again in Export. It accelerates Export dramatically.

There is a 'Tick' Box to Use Previews on export.

Problem is for over a year now, even if ticked, Export does not use any previews at all. Pro Res 422 and 422 LT do not work.


See below


Not Using Previews on Export



Can we request that Premiere Pro Engineering Team  please address these two fundamental bugs that prevent using Hybrid Pro Res workflow which is a highly efficient way to create a Pro Res Master from various formats.


If there is no acknowledgement to this Bug Report which has been outstanding for over 18 months.

Adobe's suggestion to create Bug Reports using this bug report process is a complete waste of users time.


Please give the Community a projected timescale for fixes for the BUGS described above, even a Beta release to test.


Using Latest Premiere Pro Version 24.3.0 (Build 59)

Hardware : PC Windows 11 (bug also can be replicated on my back up Windows 10 Pro Intel 9900K machine as well)

  • Intel 13900K
  • 128GB RAM
  • System C drive NVMe 2TB
  • Media Cache on Export NVMe Drive 2TB (Media Cache on C Drive makes no difference)
  • Project Drive NVMe Drive 1TB
  • Media Drive SATA 2TB SSD
  • Nvidia 4080 Super GPU


Thank you.

Bug Unresolved
Editing and playback , Export , Performance or Stability






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