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Reporting software bug Premiere Pro 22.5 Windows

Community Beginner ,
Jun 19, 2023 Jun 19, 2023

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Problem description: When I initially open the tube-shaped compressor effect, the behavior is correct, and the gain reduction remains within the calibrated range of maximum -12 decibels. However, after closing the effect and reopening it, the gain reduction increases significantly, reaching -18 decibels, even though I haven't made any changes to the audio plugin controls. This sudden and unexpected change in gain reduction persists even in a new sequence, indicating a possible technical issue in the software.


Steps taken: I have created a new sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro to rule out any conflicts or corruption in the current project. However, the problem with the tube-shaped compressor persists even in the new sequence, suggesting that it is not related to a specific project.


System Configuration:


Operating System: Windows 10

Operating System Version: 21H1

RAM (GB): 8 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA 920M

Processor: Intel i3-5010


Impact on my work: This problem continues to affect my workflow and the editing of my video projects. The inconsistency in gain reduction of the tube-shaped compressor makes it difficult to achieve balanced and controlled sound.

Bug Unresolved
Computer configuration






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