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FAQ: Migration of UserVoice to Support Community

Adobe Employee ,
Nov 22, 2022 Nov 22, 2022

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If you have previously posted ideas and bug reports on the Premiere Pro UserVoice forum, you might be wondering where those posts have gone. Good news! They are still on the UserVoice forum and will be migrated over to their new home on our Support Community. We ask that if you've already posted an idea on UserVoice that you don't re-post it here. 


The UserVoice forum is still active and you are welcome to continue using it. Once we have completed the migration of posts from UserVoice, that forum will be put into read-only mode. 


Here's a FAQ to help explain. 


Q: Why is Adobe migrating UserVoice to the Support Community?
A: We have added features to Support Community to make it easy to posts ideas and bug reports. We believe that having these reports in our main forum will make it easy for our customers to give us feedback, and for us to track and respond to that feedback. Other products, including Photoshop and After Effects, have already completed the mgiration. 


Q: Can I still post on UserVoice?
A: Can you? Yes. Should you? It depends. If you're commenting or voting on a existing post, you should do that on UserVoice. However, if you're posting about something new, it is better to post here, as it is more visible to a larger group of people (including Adobe employees). 


Q: Will everything be migrated from UserVoice?
A: No. We plan to migrate any idea or bug post that has 30 or more votes. We will also migrate any post that has been created in the last 30 days, regardless of how many votes it has. There are approximately 300 posts with 30 or more votes. 


Q: If an existing post on UserVoice has less than 30 votes, can I recreate it here?

A: Definitely! We welcome new posts and if you've got an idea or a bug report we need to know about, please post it. 


Q: When will the migration of posts from UserVoice happen?
A: We don't have a firm date yet but we are planning on completing the work before the end of 2022. When we are ready, we will put UserVoice into read-only mode, then migrate posts here. UserVoice will stay live and in-read only mode for at least a month after that. 

If you've got other questions or comment, let us know. 











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