MOGRT media showing AE missing file bars in Premiere Pro - how to fix?

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May 24, 2022 May 24, 2022

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Hi there,


I recently migrated all of my editing materials from one external hard drive to another. I opened up a Premiere Pro project that I had been working on recently but from the new drive. When I opened the project, all of my MOGRT media was either unlinked/red missing media screen or showing the missing media bars that one sees in After Effects (see attached image). 


I was able to relink the offline MOGRTS easily enough, but I am not sure how to relink the media the MOGRT thinks is missing when I can't open the .aegraphic file the MOGRT instance in my Premiere Pro project is using.


I have the following questions:
1) is there a way to open .aegraphic files and relink the media that way? I'm under the impression you cannot open .aegraphic files in AE though they are created by AE. 

2) Is there another fix for this? I have tried opening the parent AE file the MOGRT is based on and relinking media there but it has not worked. It is possible I tried that with the wrong version of the AE file, however. 


Thanks in advance!

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