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Proxy Creation - Sony FX6 footage

Community Beginner ,
Aug 07, 2022 Aug 07, 2022

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I'm having a persistent problem with proxy creation where Premiere Pro creates errors for some files in the events panel and Media Encoder fails to process the proxy creation for these particular files. 

Resulting in both programs freezing and hanging my machine untill I have to force-quit both apps,

When I reopen Premiere I can continue batch proxying the remaining clips, untill more failures and the process has to be repeated again. 


I can't proxy more than 20 clips max before these issues arise. This has been an issue across mutilple updates and it seems to be only FX6 footage/codecs that is causing the repeated failures..

Another editor contacted me today enquiring if I was having similar problems which until now I have just staggered my workflow so it does impact my day-to-day as much as possible. But my patience is wearing thin now many projects are FX6 based.

Is anyone else having a similar problem, discovered the issue, or found a work around?


I'm on a 2018 IMAC Pro, 128gig 18 core and intel based.

Crash , Error or problem , Freeze or hang , Performance







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