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R3D proxy workflow issues - 2021

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Jun 24, 2021 Jun 24, 2021

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Our company shoots primarily on RED and are having issues with the current RED workflow in Adobe Premiere (v 15.2.0). 


It used to be that when I imported R3D footage into Adobe it would automatically read the RMD file and import those settings into the project. We could then easily create proxies from those files from within Adobe's ecosystem. 


However, in the current version of Premiere Pro this is no longer the case. When I import R3D files into PP it defaults all files into the REDWideGamutRGB color space with the Log 3G10 Gamma Curve even though it's not how it was shot and not what the RMD file dictates. So we have to go through all the footage and correct all the master settings. 


After correcting all the footage we then try to create proxies from from the corrected files but when they render in Adobe Encoder they, again, default back to the REDWideGamutRGB color space with the Log 3G10 Gamma Curve. 


I am either doing something wrong or this is a huge oversight as to how Adobe PP works with a major professional codec. 


Does anybody have a good solution or workaround for this? Our team is currently considering the switch to a fully Resolve workflow but I really want to avoid that.

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