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Manual transcription feature from Prelude in Premiere Pro

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Dec 19, 2022 Dec 19, 2022

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In Prelude, we could use the marker function to manually transcribe and describe the content of clips while simultaneously playing, pausing, going forwards/backwards, and marking in and out in the media. This was a very streamlined method, and the resulting “logs” and transcripts could reach tens of thousands of words divided across very small and precise .xml markers. The producers, editors and directors could find, choose, and pinpoint very specific/accurate and curated content in large projects, both before and during the editing process. “Manual transcription workflow” is the key phrase I´m trying to convey. This was especially helpful in documentaries with serious or sensitive content, as manual transcription is far more precise and reliable than automatic, meaning that the log can be trusted both for creative and archival reasons.  A manual “logger” can also receive direction and make choices regarding what is important to record, and what is not, as well as become very familiar with large amounts of media.


The marker panel and Metalogging workspace in Premiere Pro does not allow for writing/transcribing, marking and interacting with the clips simultaneously, nor as effectively as in Prelude. At least, I haven´t found it. If there is a way, I would love to learn it. If there is not, it´s a feature request.


All best!

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