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Much easier way to add Audio to a Video-only clip in the Timeline!

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Feb 04, 2023 Feb 04, 2023

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When editing footage that has audio I don't plan to use, I turn off Source Patching for Audio so that the clips I insert from the Source Monitor will be video only.


However, I sometimes come across a video clip in my Timeline to which I want to add back the audio.

Currently, doing this is very tedious, requiring the following steps (for clarity, lets call the clip V1 and A1):

1. Locate V1 in the Project window.  If it isn't easy to located, right-click on V1 in Timeline and select "Reveal In Project" from the context menu.

2. Double click on V1 in the Project window to open it in the Source Monitor.

3. Use the "Drag Audio Only" button in the Source Monitor to drag & drop A1 under the V1 in the Timeline (note: if Source Patching for Audio isn't already turned on, this adds yet another step for the editor, since that button is frustratingly dependent on the state of Source Patching.  If the editor wants to turn Source Patching for Audio off again after dragging A1, then that's 2 extra steps!)

4. If the newly dropped A1 doesn't match V1's length, trim it to match.

5. Shift-select both V1 and A1.

6. Right-click on the selection and select 'Link' from the context menu to confirm both parts are in sync (or use the keyboard shortcut for 'Link')

7. If V1 and A1 are out of sync, right-click on A1's out of sync indicator and select "Slip into Sync" from the context menu.


That's A LOT OF WORK just for adding audio to a video clip in the Timeline!


Here's the much simpler way I suggest:

1. Double click on V1 in Timeline to open it in the Source Monitor. 

2. Instead of the "Drag Audio Only" button being grayed out, allow editors to use this button to drag A1 to the Timeline.

3. Optional: Link the video and audio if desired. (Note: By being allowed to drag A1 from the Source Monitor, A1 will automatically be a perfect match to V1, so there's no need to trim nor synchronize it!)


My suggested method would be A LOT EASIER than the current workflow, and be yet another step towards making Pr work in a frictionless manner that invites creativity rather than user frustration!


Note 1: Users should always be allowed to listen to a clip's audio in the Source Monitor, even if that clip's audio isn't in the Timeline. This would be very handy for determining if a clip's audio should be added to the Timeline!

Note 2: To avoid unnecessary frustration, the "Drag Audio Only" button should always work, regardless of the Source Patching state.  Preventing this button from working when Source Patching for Audio is turned off provides zero benefits to users, only added friction in the editing process.

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