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multicamera workflow tip

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Jun 28, 2023 Jun 28, 2023

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Premiere is a pretty amazing program and whenever a workflow seems unduly complicated, there's usually a better way to do it.   Now it's possible the following workflow is obvious to many of you, but it wasn't to me as I usually used pluraleyes (which is no longer supported and I can't seem to get it to work anymore).


I've been working a great deal recently with multicamera material on a number of projects.   Today I was synching a 2 camera shoot with audio also recorded with a zoom digital audio recorder.  The 2 cameras started and stopped a couple of times while the zoom recorded continuously.  I selected all the camera clips and the zoom audio in the project panel and control clicked and chose "create multi camera source sequence" and used the audio to synch.   I then double clicked the new multicam clip to load it in the source monitor, and then control clicked on it in the program panel and chose "open in timeline."  I parked both source and program monitor on the first frame and chose "settings" aka, the wrench tool at the bottom of either monitor and "ganged source and program."  


I could then spot check the source monitor and fix anything that needed adjustment in the timeline.  For example, the source clips for each camera had been put on different tracks,  so I could move clips up or down so each camera's media were on the same track and delete camera audio which is not needed in this situation (but still match frame back to the camera original if something's problematic in the zoom recording).  I also could delete a section where only the zoom was running and there was nothing important recorded.  


I've included a couple of screenshots to show the timeline before and after the cleanup (actually after and then before)Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.09.29 AM.pngScreenshot 2023-06-28 at 10.09.18 AM.png


If any of this isn't clear, post back and if there's a simpler way to do this, let me know.

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