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Select All Dialogue From A Specific Speaker In Transcript To Put On A Seperate Subtitle Track

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Apr 16, 2023 Apr 16, 2023

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Hello, I edit a lot of social media clips for various podcasts for multiple speakers so a constant practise for me is having to manually select all moments of dialogue from specific speakers and put them on their own individual subtitle tracks to be able to give them their own individual style and colour, and position.


So to speed up my workflow it would be great that seeing as the transcript software can identify different speakers and I can rename speakers names, that the ability must be possible to add, being able to select only dialogue from a specific speaker in the transcript and/or on the subtitle track to be able to either move/duplicate/delete and put somewhere else, or on another subtitle track.


I hope I've explained that well enough.


(This kind of goes along with the much requested ability to be able to multiple subtitle tracks visible at the same time, but I have worked out a work around for that for now, but I vote yes for that one too please)

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