AAF not linking properly and making double tracks

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Feb 23, 2021

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Hi all,
I picture locked a short film in Premiere 2020 (14.5) and because I had experienced in the past the pain of exporting the AAF for sound from Premiere, I learned to not merge clips in the edit. So this is what I did for this short film, but, precisely as a clock, the export of the sound AAF from Premiere is somehow wrong. I tried everything! I deleted any fade in the sound, any audio effect  and volume (which for some reason was problematic),  changed the name of some audio that was weird and reimported in the timeline, exported the xml, reimported into Resolve, then imported the xml into into Premiere 2017 and exporting the aaf again from there, but still the AAF comes out wrong. Basically in Resolve I see that the audio clips connecting to the wrong time code of the original sound. And this is not for one single clip, it is basically everything in the timeline. It is so annoying and I don’t know what to do next.
Could you please help??? 
Thank you so much,
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