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P: Rotatable pattern fills

Jul 05, 2011 Jul 05, 2011

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Hello.I'm a 3D Artist in the games industry. I like to use patterns alot for texture overlays and such. I love the ability to pan the pattern, or just swap out the pattern for a new one and keep the same mask when somethings not working (I love masks too).One qwirk however, theres no ability to rotate them without collapsing the pattern fill to a layer and doing it manually. Breaking my non-destructive workflow and ruining what i love about patterns. I am sure it wouldn't be too hard a feature to add, seeing as the gradient fill layer already has an rotation/angle implemented. This would save time and also keep my PSD's nice and tidy.I made a handy little gif that switches between pattern fill currently, and what would be desireable.Thanks.Chevy McGoram

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