Aerendercore won't execute my jsx using AppleScript

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Oct 08, 2021 Oct 08, 2021

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Hello, on OSX I try to run a script without the After Effects GUI using AppleScript. But I get the error
aerendercore got an error: "/Users/jochem/Desktop/hello.jsx" doesn’t understand the “DoScriptFile” message.
I read here that this can be done succesfully:



tell application "aerendercore"
to activate
end tell


works, starts aerendercore


tell application "aerendercore"
DoScriptFile "/Users/jochem/Desktop/hello.jsx"
end tell


throws error: aerendercore got an error: "/Users/jochem/Desktop/hello.jsx" doesnt understand theDoScriptFilemessage.



tell application "Adobe After Effects 2020"
to DoScriptFile "/Users/jochem/Desktop/hello.jsx"
end tell


works, but just to check that the script is working and the syntax of the applescript is right.

the script hello.jsx to test is opening a file and saving it as another


var my_file = new File("/Users/jochem/Desktop/hello.aep");
if (my_file.exists) {
var new_project =;"/Users/jochem/Desktop/bye.aep"));



Is it something obvious I miss here? Does my script need anything additional? Any pointer into the right direction is much appreciated.
Running AfterEffects 2020 on OSX 10.15.7
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